June 13, 2024
Pets Are Animal With Emotions

Human beings are the loneliest creature on this earth even though they are surrounded by many people. Human beings are not satisfied easily; they need someone to be loyal to them, someone who can listen without judging, someone who can give them immense love and someone who doesn’t ask for much in return. Another human being cannot satisfy or fit in this context because human beings are selfish creature who has complex brain to judge and analyze things. They have jealousy, hatred and greediness. So human being goes for pet animals that are domesticated at homes and considered as a part of family.

Pet animals have deep connection with human being. Animals cannot speak but they do have emotions and they are the best listener who do not judge human being, their behavior is straight forward and they don’t have complex brain functioning.

Types of pet animals

There are many different kinds of pet animals like Dog, cat, rabbit, mouse, fish, Parrot etc.

But the most popular among these are dog and cat. Since ages dogs and cats share special bond with human being and they are the most loyal creature. They are furry and cute, playful and tend to protect their master; they can give warmth to human, love and hugs too. They don’t ask for much only food, water and shelter. Children also love to play with dogs and cats.

Pets Are Animal With Emotions

Benefits of keeping pets at home:

  • They help to reduce stress as they never leave you alone and listen to you without judging
  • They are best friends with no demands and no complaints
  • They help you to exercise by their playful act
  • They keep your mind and heart healthy
  • They protect you from strangers and they can sense danger very quickly

However there are many disadvantages also:

  • There will be increase in your expenses as you have to take special care for them
  • They will carry some disease, so you have to vaccinate them and do proper health checkup
  • You have to devote your time
  • You will start feeling lonely when they are away from you since they become your family member
  • They can make your home dirty, so you have to clean it every time.

Final Count:

Everything that comes with advantage carries certain disadvantage also but still pets carry a special place in human heart. So pets are not only animals that are domesticated but they are family members with deep emotions.