June 13, 2024
shubhodeep prasanta das

 The future of business is looking quite different these days. Imagine a world where your company could be anywhere and everywhere, with employees, customers and suppliers all over the globe. Your competitors could be right next door or across the planet, and your work could span time zones and continents.

The Re-Shaping of the Business Mindset

In the pre-digital age, a typical company’s stable of businesspeople was limited to the local area. Its managers could know their¬†shubhodeep prasanta das customers and suppliers, drive the day-to-day business, and support and grow the talent within their organization. With the rise of modern communication and information technologies, however, businesses have been forced to adapt or die. Today, it’s not uncommon for CEOs to travel the world on behalf of their companies.

As the internet has sped up globalization at breakneck speed, businesses no longer exclusively rely on local talent. Corporate knowledge is increasing exponentially as new data analytics tools boost the ability to see patterns in large amounts of data. Thus, technology is transforming the very nature of knowledge.

Technology’s Impact on the Mindset

Technology permeates every aspect of our lives, and business leaders have to be cognizant of this trend for two reasons. First, technology changes how we produce and deliver content and services. Second, as our tools improve, we can expect this impact to snowball as more people adopt them.

For example, take e-books: new readers are able to access vast amounts of stored knowledge at a fraction of the cost of traditional versions. These factors mean that our mindsets must change, too. We can expect more people to think globally, unite and collaborate in the pursuit of their goals, and shift from being reactive to proactive in the face of change.

The Rise of The Global Manager

The line of work you perform and the place where you perform it have been radically altered by technology and globalization. The communications technologies allow us to remain in touch with our clients, business partners and employees from almost anywhere on earth.