July 25, 2024
flooded basement cleanup

It is important to determine the depth of the water before entering. Before entering the water, homeowners must shut off all electrical power to the house if water has reached any outlets or wiring. This will reduce the risk of dangerous electric shock. The homeowner will need to call the gas company to shut off the gas supply if the water has damaged the pilot lights of some appliances flooded basement. Next, he will need to determine where the leak is coming from.

If you’ve forgotten to fill up the bathtub, your toilet is blocked, your washer or water heater is broken, or your window leaks after a heavy rainstorm, it could be one of a few things. The homeowner must wait until after the flooded basement has passed before beginning the cleanup process if the leak results from heavy rain and flooding. If the homeowner can’t identify the leak, they’ll need to contact a plumber or disaster restoration company who will know how to find it.

Also, the cleanup company can begin cleaning up the mess right away. In the event of flooding, homeowners should contact their insurance company and find out what their flood insurance covers and what they are liable for if they have it. The additional water in the enclosed area will increase humidity, so homeowners can remove all excess water in the basement using a pool pump, wet vacuum, or rented a gas-powered water pump.

A dehumidifier or fan can speed up the drying process by removing excess moisture, which is important for preventing mould growth. In cases of significant damage to porous materials, such as rugs, carpets, books, clothing, furniture, or even drywall, mould can grow. If drywall is exposed to water for an extended period, it can grow mould.

basement flooded what to do

The items in the basement will likely be contaminated with harmful bacteria if the basement is flooded with raw sewage or floodwaters. Depending on the damage and whether it can dry within a couple of days, items that smell mildewy can be saved if you take them to a professional cleaner if the flood isn’t contaminated. Some items can be saved if they smell mildewy. If cardboard boxes are soaked, they will not dry well, so homeowners should throw them away.

No matter how clean the water was during the flood, homeowners should sanitise and deodorise the affected area. A professional needs to repair whatever caused the leak. Basement walls and foundations must be waterproofed and sealed properly, and if the homeowner has to tear down any flooring, they will have to replace it with any damaged walls.